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 This is where you can find local nutritious foods,  Local grassfed meats in Saskatoon , and area, and locally grown certified organic grains and oilseeds, pastured eggs and chickens , all raised using holistic and permaculture type methods.

 But first  I would like to tell you about how we got started .

In the spring of 1997 we received a chemical and fertilizer bill that we couldn't pay. Grain prices were in the toilet and inputs were at an all-time high. So off to see the banker yet again. 

We discussed organic farming (again) on the way home and only one of us was convinced this was the way to go (guess which one) ...and so we  Did go down that road. One went willingly the other went kicking and screaming. We wanted some financial stability to start, but as we got more involved in this way of life we realized we needed to be all in, for our family"s health. We really needed to do this! So in 2000 our fields were certified organic and we've never looked back, except to ask ourselves "WHAT TOOK US SO LONG ?"

After working in several feedlot operations my husband saw the condition of the animals and the conditions they lived in, and the amount of drugs and hormones injected and the chemicals that were poured on the animals before they even entered a pen( these animals eventually end up in traditional grocery stores and economically priced meat counters.)  That turned him off meat. So we began to eat our own hormone free , antibiotic free,  chemical free meats. Up until then we needed to sell the animals to pay bills. We thought we couldn't afford to butcher our own meat. We still needed them to pay bills but we realized we couldn't afford NOT to eat our own meat.

So ever since then we've grown certified organic wheat, oats, flax, barley, alfalfa grass and specialty  crops  and expanded to  grassfed beef, grassfed lamb, pastured chicken,  pastured pork and pastured eggs 

 All our products are raised on our certified organic feed and pastures ( completely under our control.. NO Producer partners,  only family members  ) just 35 minutes west of Saskatoon, We eat the same products we sell to you. 

all our products are antibiotic-free and added Hormone-free

   - Heritage Berkshire Pigs -purebreds and registered  a breed that thrives in a free roaming outdoor environment and highly sought after by high end restaurant chefs

   -pastured Berkshire pork ( a sweet succulent pork you will drool over)

   - Guernsey Family Milk cows PB and registered (  tested A2A2 positive)

  GRASSFED beef ,  and GRASSFED lamb ,

   -grass finished beef ( slow growing and healthier)

   -grass finished lamb ( tender mouthwatering heritage flavor)

   -outdoor heritage chickens 

   -   pastured eggs 

And now we are offering our products and /or animals to allow you to enjoy  the same quality of food we have been enjoying for years.

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Created by Betty Hamm